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2020 is the year of new hosting offers, after quite a while with existing ones. You are more and more customers taking great benefit of NextCloud system (similar to Google services but on your own hosting with full control of data and no one “using” your datas for their benefits), and so needing lot more space.
I’ll first give you a quick overview and comparisons of new offers in a table and then will get more in details after.

Hosting Offers (2020)
Offer Total
Domain Domain
Year (€)
15Go 1 Unlimited No 15
100Go Unlimited Unlimited Yes 40
250Go Unlimited Unlimited Yes 55
500Go Unlimited Unlimited Yes 95
1To Unlimited Unlimited Yes 180
2To Unlimited Unlimited Yes 330
5To Unlimited Unlimited Yes 780

Total Disk Space: includes space taken by all files you store on server for your website(s), databases, emails, and stats services if activated.

Domain alias: domain setup on server so it serves same web server as an existing one, and similar way for emails.

What’s included in all offers:

  • Hosting of at least one website on its own domain name (registration/transfer/renew of domain name is not included, it’ll be charged at public price of (our official registrar)).
  • No limit on number of mailboxes, databases you create, and number of files in your hosting space, so long it fits in the total space allocated by offer you choose.
  • Unlimited Traffic.
  • Virtualmin Control Panel: allows you to adjust all settings of your hosting on our servers.
  • Web statistics: choice of mutiple tool: Matomo/Piwik, AwStats, Webalizer.
  • One-Click install of most famous online tools such as WordPress, Joomla, Nextcloud,…
  • Automated rolling backup on seven days.
  • Change anytime: you need to change of offer either way up or down, no problem ! We’ll do a ratio of your remaining existing contract and apply it at new one !

What’s on option in some of the offers:

  • Domains unlimited: with all offers, out of the basic one, you can host as many websites as you wish in your account (only limitation is total space of your offer) (registration/transfer/renew of domain name is not included, it’ll be charged at public price of (our official registrar)).
  • Reseller features: allows you to create multiple users accounts and handle multiple hosting domains for your customers.


Have any questions ? Feel free to contact us the usual way or using form avalaible here on website and we’ll get back in touch with you quickly !