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So here we are, I have to go on site to program an Adagio system in emergency for a customer that didn’t realise some few things 🙁

He bought an Adagio System with five iPod docks. He learned lesson from manufacturer stating you can install an Adagio directly out of the box without computer neither programming work 🙂 Unhappy it’s not true if you use five docks as you need to attribute each dock at a room ! So I have been called in emergency to go on site and program system. Unhappy I had never used previously an Adagio, yet less programmed one but Crestron told me it was really simple with Adagio Designer, so let’s go….
Here I’m few days later on site, in a nice place in french Alps with my Macbook ready to program (well I read all manuals of equipment few days before, downloaded all firmwares of products used and checked I had latest version of System Builder installed).
First thing, I check quickly wiring made by the dealer (correct wiring between iPod dock, Abar, Adagio, and loudspeakers). It looks fine. So now I connect my computer with program cable to program port of Adagio and set up its network with Toolbox. Once setup and one reboot later of Adagio, I’m able to connect to it with Toolbox directly through Ethernet 🙂 Looks to be on good way !
Now let’s start Adagio Designer, it’s really simple, select number of zones, name of each one, output used, number of accessories (so I declare my five iPod docks), which input I use for each one, number of keypads used (five APAD here), and then it generates everything for me, and it flips to System Builder directly ! Wow, I did nothing special, very simple and straighforward 😀
I just check quickly what system has done for me and it looks fine, so I decide download everything, it first starts to download keypads (slowly, not very nice for that), then Adagio program, and Adagio restarts at the end.
I go to first APAD, put my iPod in dock, and it works great 🙂 and so on for the other four zones !
So I must confess it’s really simple to program (well it’s not programming when you do so few things) and quickly avalaible for use by end user 😀
It looks to be really a great product as it includes also a bunch of control ports as a regular controller so you can get a whole multizone audio system with also control of other sources or equipments such as lights, HVAC.. without additional equipments for automation !

Thanks CRESTRON to make it so simple !

P-S: I also did update of firmware of all equipments before first upload of program to be sure everything is well up to date 🙂