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Today we’ll talk about the VU+ tuners. It’s some really great devices as satellite/cable/terrestrial tuners that are fully controlable by network ! They include also a pretty complete web interface, able to stream on network channels received, and also lot of other stuffs through some plugins that you can install in few seconds in it !

Nevertheless, when you buy one of these devices, they are always delivered with factory firmware that is not much interest, and so first thing to do once unpacked, is to update them with latest firmware. It exists multiple alternative finmwares (in a similar way as Android for example). Warning any change of firmware and most of time for updates (if you do them with a USB key) will factory reset the VU+ !

One of the most famous and used alternative firmware is Black Hole and it’s avalaible in great forum: Vu-Plus Community. You’ll need then to follow that procedure to succeed to update correctly the device:

  • Use a 4Go maximum USB memory stick or at least formatted as FAT32 (mandatory !!). If memory stick is bigger, create a first partition of 4Go as FAT32 type.
  • You’ll have to download the correct ZIP archive for the VU+ model you want to flash on forum previously talked about.
  • Unzip the archive in which you’ll find a vuplus directory.
  • Copy that whole folder without any modification at root of your memory stick.
  • Switch off the VU using the mechanical button on back, plug memory stick on the front (use back only if model you have doesn’t have any USB port on the front).
  • Power back the VU, and you should see on front display a message popup after few seconds to invite you to do the update (don’t expect any HDMI signal during these steps).
  • To confirm you want to apply the update, you can either press the Power or  according to indications on display (non existing step for VU that don’t have a front display).
  • Once update successfully done, it’ll be indicated by a message on display or a blink of green LED on front (VU without display).
  • Unplug memory stick, and restart electrically the VU using back button !
  • You now have latest version of Black Hole firmware and you can now start setup of your TV receiver.