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After having used during a little while an other solution not finished too at that time (Bexio), we are now using since 3 years Abaninja but in fact quite similar speaking of bugs and missing features.

Here is a list of basic missing features and permanent problems n Abaninja.

  • Unable to handle a supplier refund. (Fixed in April 2024)
  • When you add a document such a supplier invoice, you can add a note on it to remember what it is or for organisation of documents. Bad luck, it’s the only field you can’t do searches in it… Ore more software developped by persons that have never used an accounting software.! You just have to look through all documents one by one to find back the one you wanted.
  • Impossible to handle properly different currencies like EUR and CHF. Abaninja handles multiple currencies but completely separately. You can’t conciliate an invoice if account currency you received payment on is different ! (the software is unable to generate automatically the reconciliation operation for change differences, it’s doing it only one time a year when you close accounting for the year).
  • DeepV features are broken since 2023, partially fixed begin of 2024 but in swiss german only (no civilised language avalaible), and it didn’t last long. It’s again broken with message stating to contact tech support…
  • Digital coaches are purely virtual ! Tried to contact one a year ago but neither got any answer, Abaninja advised us to contact a different one they indicated but same, never got an answer…
  • None advice on use of software as Abaninja tells you to contact an accounting guy instead of answering.
  • You can pay monthly subscriptions only by credit card, impossible to pay by wire transfer or QRCode easily, perfect GAFAM behaviour but in all matters Abaninla is far to be a 100% swiss solution (they use Google Analytics and Zendesk that are american products and hosted in US).
  • Impossible to do partial payment invoices.
  • Grahps on dashboard display “Démo” in corner and don’t display real data if you don’t have enough transactions in currency selected.
  • Dashboard displays graphs in currency you select on it but a global preview of your accounting (taking into account all currencies used).
  • As support service wants to get some nice stats, they always close support ticket as soon as they answer you even if problem is not fixed. Clearly Support Manager is more busy to get nice stats for his superiors than having good and efficient support (tickets are supposed to be closed when problem is cleared on if customer doesn’t follow up anymore after a certain time. This very bad behaviour is quite common in Switzerland.
  • Even keeping their servers on time is out of Abaninja programmers abilities. Last winter their system had an one hour shift with realtime, and now in summer it’s 2hours…
  • They have an interesting blog to follow their news and new features but nothing happens anymore since december 8th…. Marketing service has probably forgotten it !
  • Abaninja is a product made by Abacus that is supposed to be a big company for accounting softwares, but considering very poor quality of their small solution for small companies, I guess they just do the same bad quality but far more expensive for big companies….