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One more manufacturer that has decided to stop producing products working properly 🙁

Since nearly 20 years now (first show of Bravia TV on market in 2005), we used with lot of success Sony Bravia TV for needs of our customers.
Indeed, Sony offered good displays at reasonnable price and robust in time (most of them have lasted more than 10 years).
All the more, Sony made years ago these devices some Android TV ones.
To make the picture complete, all these TV devices shared same control protocol since years and it was very complete with full control of devices including starting specific apps.
All that made Bravia TV nearly some perfect devices since years which is quite remarkable.
Unhappy Sony found out it was too long time with some products working really well and has decided since last year to silently remove the Bravia menu entry that allows you to activate the control protocol in TVs.
So now Bravia TVs are no more efficiently and easily controlable as only way to control them is to use IR as in the 80’s. Of course, Sony has also taken profit to change discreet IR codes for these TVs
TVs being Android devices, we can use Android TV control but it allows very few things and network being also unstable on these TVs, it’s not at all reliable !
Of course, as all large manufacturers of consumer electronic devices, Sony has none efficient customer/technical support to get some explanations and/or a solution for these issues. We have tested Sory “support” in France, it’s surrealist. You speak with people that have none idea what you are talking about (out of helping you use the remote of the devices or unpack it, they are totally useless !) and they don’t answer you straight as they translate and forward your request at a remote support… To make it short: total useless and non sense way to bring support 🙁

Update May 2024: One year later Sony Europe has at least confirmed IP Control is not avalaible on that model neither discrete IR codes…..
Choice for next TVs for our customers is not going to be simple…