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We have completed a large renovation project in 2022 for one of our residential customers (change all incandescent lights installed around 20 years ago by LED). As part of that project, we have been in touch with multiple high-end light manufacturers (or supposed to be as we’ll see in this article).

Project was managed by a famous US based light designer company. They have specified all the new lights that we have followed very precisely. We used phase-diming on this project for ease and efficiency.

One of the products for garden was Reggiani Yori spots. These products designed for outside use were not supplied at that time with drivers for outside use when we were ordering products. It’s quite strange to design products for outside use without proper drivers for them.

Then, we have tried to get specifications of the lights so we could find some proper drivers for them. Unhappy, Reggiani has never followed-up on our multiple direct requests, even through the distributor… It was the first sign that Reggiani was not really concerned neither professional about questions from its (future) customers.

Distributor advised us to keep Reggiani drivers in order just in case the ones we planned to use would not work. Drivers supplied by Reggiani are cheap “chinese style” drivers sold at insane price of 70 euros each without VAT… It’s strange but since, Reggiani sells some drivers designed for outside for these lights !

Once we got hardware, we have quickly confirmed that Yori lights could be perfectly powered and dimmed with phase-diming drivers we had chosen.

Once installation completed, Reggiani has refused to take back drivers or more exactly became death answering at none email (same for the distributor that was unable to reach them too).

In same time, we have discovered that 2 lights on 93 supplied and installed were defective, and the product designed for outside was built with screws not done for outside (rust showed up on products few weeks after installation…).

At least, after multiple attempts of contact with manufacturer, they decided to answer to say they were not taking back any product even if they were not fitting the use (driver not designed for outside) and no discussion possible. We have not met such non commercial manufacturer than Reggiani, that used one after the other all excuses possible to avoid to take back product when we reported the issue at Light design company.

As we started to be more than bored, we have decided to bring back drivers at manufacturer headquarter at Milano and also the 2 defective lights and ask for a replacement set of the rusting screws.

4 months later, drivers are still with them and no more update about it. For replacement screws, they sent us back the wrong screws ! The 2 defective lights have just been replaced by manufacturer (after having tried to avoid to handle it stating that we had to do it through distributor while European regulation laws clearly state that manufacturer has also to support warranty cases).

It has been our first and last business with that manufacturer, that is clearly to avoid:

  • no commercial service
  • products quality not acceptable all the more for such price (200/300 Euros each light without accessories)
  • after-sales/warranty service incapable