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Home-Assistant, one of the most efficient open-source solution for home-automation, and that just passed its 10 birthday, is lot more than “just” home-automation tool.
Traditional/historical home-automation systems, like AMX, Crestron or equivalent, are designed exclusively for home automation and nothing else. Also, system ressources and programming tools of these platforms don’t allow to do much more. Their only way to do monitoring is through additional softwares running on a computer aside making the whole thing lot more complex and expensive, both with extra hardware and maintenance more tricky as you have 2 systems then to maintain.

With Home-Assistant, the issue doesn’t exist as it’s very easily able to do also monitoring making it very easy as using same hardware and platform than the home automation system. Also, most of time, all informations and status are already available in Home Assistant as sensors.

So, main work is some layout work and very quickly we have something usable and informative, which is a huge time saver also for maintenance and repair when something goes wrong and all that either local or remotely with the same ease.

Exemple de surveillance du Réseau (surveillance d'un système Unifi et Mikrotik)

Network monitoring  (Unifi and Mikrotik network equipments)

Ici interface pour redémarrer les éléments du système de distribution vidéo via un simple clic (via SNMP sur un switch Netgear).

Here interface to reboot easily equipments in charge of video distribution all through a simple click (done through SNMP on Netgear switch).

Also, fact that Home-Assistant can be accessed straight from a web interface or the dedicated app in a very easy way, makes it extremely useful and allows some remote repairs/maintenance even without a computer around.

Not even speaking that Home-Assistant is able to generate notifications on mobile devices which is very useful on customer side to notify some alarms or very important things, and on dealer aside to be notified as soon as something is going wrong in the system or when preventive maintenances have to be done.

With Home-Assistant, home-automation and monitoring are only one unique tool 👍