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To avoid any other person to get caught, it’s important to make public the quality of LODE audio players.
Nearly 2 years ago now, their audio streamers looked very promising. All the more, manufacturer offered free access at drivers for all main automation systems like AMX, Crestron,… out of Home-Assistant.
At that time products were working quite well, that is a minimum for a product sold at minimum 1000€ but there was a little issue. Spotify integration was very buggy and needed to authenticate again quite often. Manufacturer promised he was working on and it would be quickly fixed with a firmware update.
Unhappy one year and a half later, no progress has been done which is unacceptable all the more for a product sold that price !
Strange coincidence too, drivers for their products are no more avalaible as free download and needs to authenticate now to get them which is quite abusive.
All thet shows clearly that LODE doesn’t care at all about its customers and its products and so best is to forget them similar at Sonos !