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Crestron takes care of independant programmers


Crestron & Apple: nice love story !

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Automation forum avalaible now !

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Nice upgrade process offered by AMX France for a limited time :)

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AMX France at least gets after sales repair back to work :)

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3D is coming…

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New firmware for MVP-7500/8400/8400i

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We are back !

At least we are back, after quite a while without news :( Sorry for that but now we’ll post regularly some news about Automation world, and also tricks about use and programmation. First important news for 2010 is the big return of AMX, at least in France. After few years of desert cross with no communication, no news, problems for everything, it looks AMX is on way of deep changes !
Marketing and sales are now managed by new people. Catherine Berriat in charge of France for last years is no more part of company, and it’s now managed by Guillaume Le Royer and Philippe Fournier. We had opportunities to talk with them and it looks very promising for next months with very important changes to get AMX back on business here in France. It’s definitively the good time to get back in business with them.
All the more, it’ll be good for development of market to get at least a real competitor back in front of Crestron, that was pretty quiet on French market during these past years !


Crestron releases PoE video streamer



Crestron releases a network video streamer for use with its important range of touchpanels MJPG compatible. The CEN-NVS100 will allow you to display in these touchpanels video feedback from a remote camera easily through the network. The streamer is self-powered throught the PoE Ethernet connection so no need for local power supply. It accepts video composite signal (Either NTSC or PAL) and streams it either in MJPG or MPEG4 format for more compatibility. You can now easily monitor on your Crestron touchapenls remote door entry cameras, nursery or any video feed.

Most recent touchpanels compatible with signal from the streamer includes TPMC-8L, TMPC-8X, and TPMC-4XG.

Text and time can be overlayed on video signal, and privacy masking to avoid video view of private part of image. Up to three motion detection windows can be defined, enabling automated events in response to movement within specific onscreen areas. Events can also be triggered when a loss of signal is detected.

It can also control a pan/tilt/zoom camera via RS-485.

P-S: Audio connectors you can see on pictures are not usable for now (future functions !).


New Crestron Product at ISE

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Crestron releases a new touch panel in Isys range, large size one, TPS-17G-QM. It’s a 17″ panel in G-Series with double video display (one at RGB format and one at HDTV). As always it includes QuickMedia connectivity to allow easy interconnection with all other Crestron products, and also its connection with just one wire (length max 450 feet).

It’s compatible with “Touch-the-PC” application so you can control any PC directly from the touch panel.

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